Book Development Services


We like to think we are a one stop shop for book development services. The process of creating a book is exhilarating, exhausting and just a bit frightening. The big publishing companies are an “all or nothing” kind of set up, but CP2S can be as involved as you want us to be. We are passionate about helping writers bring their stories to life and out there for people to experience. One of the great things about what we offer is the fact that we operate virtually, so it does not matter where you are, we can help.

Services include:


We have excellent editors on our staff, with more than 25 years of experience in editing and extensive experience in refined research and documentation skills.  One of our editors writing as P.J. Huff, published four titles under The Smithsonian Institution imprint of HarperCollins:  Witness to the Civil War; How To Feed An Army; How To Tell A Secret; and Lines of Contention. In addition to writing responsibilities, they oversaw image acquisition for these volumes, conducted numerous interviews with subject matter experts and researched historical artifacts.

Graphic Designers

With a talented and experienced graphic designer on your team, that book cover you dream of can be a reality. The software to create a beautiful cover can be expensive, not to mention time consuming, with no surety that it will turn out how you envision it. Our experienced graphic designers are versed in many different styles, so no matter what you are looking for, we can create it for you.


Bring your story to life with illustrations from our talented illustrators.

Management Services

What can our management services do for you?

The fact of the matter is, being an independent book writer comes down to the hard business of getting your name out there and talked about. Coming up with new and innovative ideas is our job. Researching events, contests, online forums, setting up book signings, etc. that are beneficial to getting your name and books out there for people to find. We can manage your social media accounts, website, etc. If we have someone in the area of an event, that would include helping set up and manning the booth’s, this way you get to do what is really important: interacting with readers!